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Paus UNI 50-3 FW for more safety underground

Due to the increasing use of modern equipment, machines and vehicles in mines, which are getting bigger and bigger, the fire risk increases significantly. By means of the Paus Uni-50-3 FW several tasks can be

taken over directly:

With a 5,000 l tank, a high-performance water pump, with a delivery rate of 1,800 l at 10 bar, and further firefighting equipment fires can be extinguished effectively and quickly. Due to its very good performance data the UNI-50-3 FW can also be used for hydro scaling and especially for loosening blockades in ore passes. With throwing distances of up to 42 m, the work can be done from a safe distance.

Mining operations and the movement of large quantities of material cause a lot of dust, which impairs visibility and even more important the health of the miners.To reduce the amount of dust in the mines, the vehicle can also be used for dust suppression. The material can be moistened with the water cannon or with the spray bar at the rear of the machine.

Here you find our product video on Youtube. 

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