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Family business with tradition

The company - Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik has been developing, designing and producing construction machines, industrial vehicles, lift technology vehicles, machines for underground mining and special vehicles at its Emsbüren location in Emsland, Germany for over 50 years. Paus solutions are as diverse as the requirements of the industries they're used in. Always with the standard of providing the best customised quality vehicle and machine solutions for customers. Founded as a family-owned company for special vehicles by Hermann Paus in 1968, the company is currently operated under the leadership of Franz-Josef and Wolfgang Paus.

"...the people who care"

Many nationally and internationally renowned customers and dealers are among the companies to which Paus delivers. To continue to uphold the claim of being "...the people who care", Paus works day and night to meet an extremely wide range of customer requirements. The manufacturing of basic assemblies at a consistently high level of quality is ensured thanks to industrial production processes. For custom work orders, you can offer various vehicle solutions to customers in a timely manner.

We give you a solution as unique as your requirements

The Paus product range for the construction and garden and landscaping trade sector includes articulated swivel loaders (SL 9075 / SL 9088), telescopic loaders (TL 9065 / TL 9078) and telescopic swivel loaders (TSL 9075 / TSL 9088) as well as dumpers with lowering skips, dumpers with half-pipe skips and articulated dumpers (SMK9036 / AKR 9040). They are equally popular in the building sector and among municipal customers thanks to their tremendous manoeuvrability in cramped conditions. Paus Lift Technology provides telescopic elevators for the construction sector and furniture lifts, as well as trailer cranes (PTK 27, PTK 31) and elevating work platforms (GT 16A 21A). The Easy 24 WH-M telescopic lift is the latest product development. The industrial vehicle sector offers compact heavy-duty forklifts, both with conventional and electric drives. Paus builds industrial tractor vehicles as well. Various special vehicle concepts for underground mining are on offer. These include vehicles for personnel transport, maintenance, route maintenance and material transport. The product line also includes special vehicles for purposes such as emergency medical services or pre-levelling.

All Paus vehicles are safe and ergonomic for the operators. They feature high availability and are cost-effective in use, while requirements are always met with flexibility, efficiency and reliability. Moreover, all Paus vehicles are built explicitly for their operation purpose. The advantage: Longer service life and greater efficiency. To top it all off, Paus has a global network of dealers and service staff who are given ongoing professional training. High quality products, excellent service and innovative ability reflect the family company's aspiration to be the preferred partner for its customers.

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