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Minca 18


The Paus MinCa is a special and unique designed mining equipment with a high variority of superstructures for your underground mining personnel and material transportation. The MinCa 18 A impresses with its extraordanary payload of upto 4t, high performance and low emmission engine setups. The best all axle, spring and shock absorber suspension system in undergorund mining equipment market gives not only operator and passangers high safety and comfort, but also faster performance in rough terrain. 
Standard and customized superstructures are for every mining purpose available. 

Product highlights

  • Full shock absorber suspension system for higher safety and better performance
  • High performance, hydrostatic drive line system made for ramps operation
  • Low life cycle costs due to easy maintenance  
  • Spacious and comfortable driver´s cabin 
  • Superstructures for all your needs in underground mining


  • ROPS/FOPS proven cabin
  • Hydrostatic drive line with four wheel drive
  • Tiltable cabin for easy maintance access to diesel engine
  • Clearly and ergonically arranged dash board
  • Easy trouble shooting with onboard diagnostics system
  • High mining safety standards


  • Selection of engines with different exhaust gas levels
  • Air conditioning for driver´s cabin
  • Selection of on-borad HRD fire suppression systems
  • Selection of safety equipment 
  • Selection of superstructures
  • All wheel steering 
  • Crab steering

Additional customized options are also available upon request

Further Versions

MinCa 18 A LP - superstructure material transporter with platform dimensions of 2.9 x 1.9m (LxW) and a max  payload of 2t.


MinCa 18 A TA - superstructure fuel or water tank with spring loaded hose drum and max. capacity of 3,000l. The configuration  water tank can be also equipped with spraying bar.


MinCa 18 A LP-K - superstructure material transporter with platform and HIAB crane. The crane has a max payload of 1.86.


MinCa 18 A PK - superstructure passanger transporter with max. 16 seats. Also available with 10 x single seats.


MinCa 18 A SV - superstructure service with max. 6 tanks, spring loaded hose drums and grease barrel. Tanks arrangement can be customized.

MinCa 18 A WK - superstructure workshop with tool cabinets accessible from the side by lockable doors and workbench. 


MinCa 18 A ST-LG - superstructure explosive charger with Anfo vessel, compressor and explosive charging accessories. Also available with boom and basket for working height upto 5.8m.


MinCa 18 A ST - superstructure explosive transporter for Anfo bags with ignitator box. Also available with four seater passanger cabin.


MinCa 18 A TB-HV - superstructure working basket with platform and four seater cabin.


MinCa 18 A FW - superstructure firefighter with four seater passanger cabin, foam and water tank, water pump, hoses and firefighter accessories. 


MinCa 18 A KT - superstructure ambulance for two rescue stretcher and 6 passanger seats


MinCa 18 A S


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