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MRV 9000

Advanced mine rescue solution in cooperation with Dräger

A new milestone in the field of mines rescue developed and designed for one of the most challenging workplaces worldwide. The Dräger MRV 9000 is the answer to an ever-changing mining environment and is based on the current and future challenges of mines rescue teams. 
This robust vehicle extends the mission time for mines rescue teams by providing safe transportation closer to the incident.


Mines rescue teams now have longer distances to travel before they arrive at the location of the emergency and only a limited amount of time is available with the breathing apparatus. The Dräger MRV 9000 exactly targets this challenge by providing safe transportation as close as possible to the incident without needing to activate the breathing apparatus. Consequently, the mines rescue teams have more time for their on-site mission. 

Innovative and customer driven – this Mine Rescue Vehicle is a unique solution in the field of mines rescue worldwide.


  • Overall vehicle concept enables faster rescue missions and saving lives
  • Self contained on-board breathing air supply system for driving through contaminated tunnel sections 
  • Optional infrared and radar technologies for even driving at sections with no visibility
  • Mine made and proven design with fully suspended chassis 
  • Spacious and comfortable driver´s cabin and rescue cassette


  • Breathing air reservoir
  • Air purging system with metering panel
  • Air tight driver´s and rescue cabin
  • Gas monitoring system
  • Air management panel
  • Rescue stretcher for transportation of injured miners
  • ROPS/FOPS proven driver´s and rescue cabin 
  • Escape hatch in the roof of cassette
  • Internal communication system with external interface

For more detailed information please visit the Dräger websites at 


  • Selection of engines, e.g. with latest exhaust stages
  • Air conditioning for driver´s and rescue cab
  • Selection of on-borad HRD fire suppression systems
  • Lifting device for fast replacement of breathing air cylinders
  • Breathing air compressor or a complete filling gas logistic

Additional customized options are also available upon request

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