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PG 10 HA grader


The PAUS grader PG 10 HA is made for precise, powerful and economic grading in undergound hardrock mines. With its compact dimensions combined with articulated steering and front axle steering the PG 10 HA is the perfect solution for narrow veine mining. The excellent overview gives the operator the possibility to finalize grading less in time and save money in road maintenance works.



  • High maneuverability in confined spaces
  • High tractive force for exact grading results
  • Excellent visibility
  • Low operating costs thanks to deliberate design
  • High precision as a result of easy operation


  • High performance engine with high torque
  • Great visibility with comfortable cabin
  • Optimised machine performance and low maintenance costs with easy automatic shifting and creep mode
  • Easy and intuive handling enables highest precision
  • Built to last, robust machine design for longer lifetime gives savings to our resources


  • Selection of engines with different exhaust gas levels
  • Selection of cabin options like air-conditioning
  • Selection of on-borad HRD fire suppression systems
  • Pusher bladeRipper with five fingers
  • Scarifier for the moldboard
  • Moldboard suppension
  • Floting position for moldboard

Additional customized options are also available upon request

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