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trailer crane PTK 31


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With a payload of up to 1,600 kg and a max. extended length of 31 m, the Paus trailer crane PTK 31 is specially designed for roofers and carpenters. By using special nestable aluminium profiles, the Paus trailer crane easily masters your transport tasks, too. Four individually foldable telescopic supports enable the crane to be set up even on narrow and uneven surfaces as well as on steps or high kerbs.

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Product highlights

  • Extendible fly jib with hydraulic articulated joint
  • Extreme gradient-climbing ability
  • Extremely versatile, thanks to individually folding telescopic supports
  • Hydraulic travel drive with remote control
  • Ergonomic control panel with integrated analysis display and display of all relevant operating data
  • Retractable drawbar reduces the footprint
  • Wide-opening access panels for good accessibility to the engine components, super soundproofing
  • Load-dependent engine speed reduction for low fuel consumption; Large 25 l fuel tank
  • Full 360° rotation even for narrow support and under full load



  • Extended length up to 31 m
  • Maximum payload of 1.6 tonnes
  • Fully hydraulic fly jib
  • Closed aluminium profiles for even greater stability
    • Easy to set up, thanks to automatic self-levelling
    • Lowerable rear axle makes it easier to manoeuvre
  • Extremely easy to handle thanks to radio remote control
  • Cathodic-dip-coated chassis including powder coating and cavity sealant
  • Large lateral range with maximum stability
  • At a gross weight of 3.5 tonnes, the Skyworker can be easily transported using a car


    • Environmentally friendly 400 V electric drive
    • Zero emissions and quiet
    • Can be used within halls
    • Easy to dismantle thanks to quick-coupling connections and forklift slots
    • Protects people during work at height
    • Retractable type fall arrester (in accordance with EN 360) including safety harness is hooked into load hook adapter
    • Working radius of the retractable type fall arrester starting from the hook tip: 10 metres
    • Radio remote control is connected to the crane by cable—visual contact between operator and person being protected
    • Current status of the personal fall protection equipment can be read on the display
    • Protection against operator error through control-side monitoring of all safety-related requirements
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