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PFL 10

PFL 10 LOAD HAUL DUMPER FOR "more" productivity, safety and profitability

Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik is introducing a new generation of compact load haul dumpers: The PFL 10 offers highest breaking forces and fastest Shovel filling times. Your advantage: lower production costs per tonne handled.

Product highlights

  • Lateral cab arrangement for a free view over the working area and for the reversing area
  • Robust chassis with articulated steering and hydrostatic all-wheel drive
  • Optimal accessibility to hydraulics, electrical equipment and the engine
  • LED light package, including two work lights attached to the cab
  • SAFE: Ergonomic and ROPS / FOPS-tested driver's platform


  • Compact dimensions and therefore ideal for underground mining, tunnel construction and for special projects
  • Ergonomically designed control elements increase convenience and efficiency
  • Z-kinematics for extremely high tear-out forces. PFL 10 until 50 kN
  • The compact structure, specially designed for mining, minimises operating costs and maximises operating time.
  • Paus load haul dumper payloads to 2.7 tonnes


Thanks to the quick-change system, various attachments can be attached and changed in just minutes


  • Hydraulic quick-change device
  • HRD fire extinguisher system
  • Optionally available with air-cooled or liquid-cooled engine (not in the EU)
  • HRD fire extinguisher system
  • Soot filter and catalytic converter (not in the EU / with SCR)


PFL 10

  • Maximum payload of 2.7 tonnes
  • Empty weight of 9.000 kg
  • Bucket volume a maximum of 1.2 m³
  • 84 kW air-cooled Deutz diesel engine          
  • Pull-out force 50 kN
  • Speed 18 km/h
  • Tipping time 2.5 sec
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