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Paus Electric Compact Heavy Duty-Forklift PSE 10

Powerful and VERSATILE electric forklift for heavy-duty logistics operations

Performance Data    
Load capacity 10.000 kg at LSP 600 mm
Lifting height H2   Standard 1.800 mm with Simplex-Mast
Speed 15 km/h at full load
Drive electrical drive
E-Motors 3 separate drives: 50 kW / 47 kW / 14 kW
Batterie capacity   1.240 Ah / 120 V

The PSE 10 - Powerful like the big ones

Compactness, user-friendliness combined with excellent maintainability - the PSE10. Variable equipment options such as simplex, duplex and triplex lift masts and a lot more extensive options that can be selected. In addition, the electric drive of the PSE 10, which makes it emission-free and powerful, designed for various industrial applications with small space.


  • Ergonomic, clearly structured comfort full view cabin
  • Precise, simple and sensitive handling when driving and working
  • Compact overall length of only 3,760 mm
  • Separate motors for driving, working and for steering / braking
  • Energy efficient and robust
  • Easily accessible maintenance and service points, easily reachable fuse box
  • Tilting cab for an easily reachable engine compartment


  • Duplex and triplex masts
  • Fork positioners
  • Weighing system
  • Automatic positioning system of mast tilt
  • Load suspension system
  • Additional hydraulics
  • Air conditioning
  • LED work lights
  • Driving back warning signals
  • Camera systems
  • Battery capacity 1,395 Ah
  • Special painting
  • SE Tyres
  • Comfort driver seat with air suspension

Further equipment

  • Battery carrying equipment
  • Radio remote control
  • Customer-specific attachments (e.g. mandrel)
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