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Customer service

Repairs and maintenance work are central aspects of customer service. Paus has a broad market position here, too, and offers its customers an extensive service program:

  • Repairs on-site or at the plant by our plant technician
  • Repairs also performed by regional service partners
  • Customer support for technical questions is available through our Service Hotline

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Please contact our Customer Services department: Tel.: +49 (5903) 707-0 

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In addition, in the area of lift technology, we carry out a customer service trip once every year – a coordinated annual maintenance effort at the customer's facility, together with accident prevention regulations checking and inspection. As a customer, you have access to many service options and can select what is right for you:

  • Maintenance as necessary or annual maintenance
  • Complete overhaul of machines at the plant
  • General repairs
  • Machine updates
  • Recurring specialist testing
  • Customer-specific stock of spare parts
  • Technical support with Service Hotline

A further integral part of our customer service is our technical information sphere. Our trained employees can be reached at the plant over our Service Hotline, or highly skilled contact persons can also be reached locally at our dealers. Customers have the option to retrieve machine documentation and repair instructions. Furthermore, Paus supports its dealers in technical information management.

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