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We solve your service case remotely.

With the proven TeamViewer, we provide assistance and can access your desktop and mobile platform through remote access, or remote control and remote maintenance, as if we were on site for you. The remote connection is established via a secured network and is available worldwide.

Your advantages: affordable, flexible and fast help.

This is how TeamViewer works:

  • Please describe your request in advance by phone or by mail (
  • Open the link that will take you directly to TeamViewer. Have your cell phone ready so that we can reach you by phone if necessary.
  • If you open the link with your smartphone, you have to download the app Quicksupport in advance, which is available in every app store.
  • Via mail we will receive a notification and can connect to your end device. In doing so, please confirm the request on your screen.
  • If the software of a Paus machine needs to be diagnosed, it is mandatory that you have the interface with the software required for this. Please connect this already before the start of the session.

Click here to go to TeamViewer: 


TeamViewer- Support

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