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PAUS signs MoU with ELQUIP for a dealership in Australia

Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH (PAUS) and ELQUIP have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to mutually evaluate and prepare a dealership for the Australian market and serve customers with specialized mobile equipment for the Mining & Tunnelling as well as with services and parts.


ELQUIP brings to market the combined capabilities and experience of 40 years in the OEM space, specialising in innovative equipment design and manufacture of high-quality products and services for the Australian mining and construction industries.
Collaboratively working with clients to develop equipment and technologies which create improvements and benefits in safety and efficiencies at the workplace. In a time of globalisation and standardisation, not every job or jobsite can use a standard product or service, often something special or unique is required and over time ELQUIP realises there are smarter ways to achieve a better outcome.

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