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Paus MR Fire Truck: advanced mine rescue solution

Special conditions underground bring additional hazards and require advanced mine rescue strategies, tactics and equipment.

In cooperation with Dräger Paus just released the latest solution for mobile mine rescue missions: the MR Fire Truck. Rosenbauer is the world’s leading manufacturer of systems for firefighting and disaster protection. 

The vehicle body can be customized and equipped with all kind of firefighting, technical rescue and first aid equipment.

An airtight driver's cab with an air supply tank enables the crew and heavy equipment to be driven through contaminated tunnel sections. Compared to the common practice of mine rescue teams to walk through contaminated areas by wearing respirators and carrying smaller equipment the MR Fire Truck expands the area of application.

With the MR Fire Truck the limits of use can be expanded for more efficient hazard prevention to protect people and material damage in underground.

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