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PAUS Week 2022


Last week was dedicated to the mission statement PAUS 2028. What was last year's "Mission Statement Day" is this year's "Mission Statement Week"!

Under the motto "the people who care" the machine factory from Emsbüren works and lives in its daily business. Both among each other, with suppliers and the customers. This motto has been reinforced in recent years by the vision, as well as by the various guiding values and mission statements that the family-owned company maintains.

Due to the strong growth of the company in recent years, the two managing directors Franz-Josef and Wolfgang Paus were convinced to name, live and communicate the values relevant in the family business.

The DNA of Paus Maschinenfabrik is thus formed by the various guiding values of appreciation, transparency, excellence and the associated guiding principles of history, products, customers, we, togetherness and suppliers.

This year's mission statement week was thus organized with these themes in mind and various activities were carried out on all five days!

At the end of the week, everyone lent a hand and, as befits real " makers", collected around 1.5³ of trash in the vicinity of the company premises (plogging)!

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