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PAUS MinCa 5.1 E

There are no exhaust gases or combustion heat from the purely electrically powered MinCa 5.1 E, reducing exposure for the pit employees and load for the ventilation systems.

It is the nature of things the fact that the paths in mining are always longer, the depths deeper and the ventilation ever more complex and expensive. The MinCa 5.1 E was developed on the proven basis of the diesel-powered MinCa 5.1 and has been available since the Bauma 2019 exhibition, following further extensive practical tests.

Areas of deployment

With its dimensions of 4 m x 1.95 m and payload of approx. 1.2 tonnes, the MinCa 5.1E is outstandingly well adapted for use in the tightest spaces in narrow underground mines (narrow vein mining) and tunnelling. The electric drive means that no gearshifts are needed and it reaches a speed of up to 30 km/h on the straight. The vehicle can be equipped as a personnel transporter for five miners, inspectors or craftsmen, and still has space for equipment.

Full electrical mobility

Together with reputable manufacturers, Paus engineers have fitted improved battery technology and proven NMC technology in the MinCa 5.1 E. This allows the discharged battery to be recharged to 90% capacity in less than an hour using suitable charging technology, making the vehicle operational again.

Full power – Full range

The battery pack is located at the rear, but capacity can optionally be extended by a further 50 kWh "under the bonnet". This option of upgrading the MinCa 5.1 E to 100 kWh of power makes operation possible for a full 8-hour shift. Even in the very toughest operations.

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