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New proportional control – unique on the market

Changed customer requirements, technical progress and new statutory regulations are among the reasons for the advanced development of machines. It is Paus's declared goal to actively work on the market to offer individual, customised solutions.

The proportional control version developed by Paus has comfortable automatic operation, giving it a maximum of safety and at the same time economy, making it currently unique on the market. Realised in line with the latest technical standards and featuring an adjustable safety range both upwards and downwards, it offers optimum operator safety and great comfort.

The safety range can be shifted with a freely variable quick-clamping system and so adjusted to the individual requirements at the place of deployment. The use of state-of-the-art technology means that there is no need to perform a calibration run with the latest version of the proportional control. The telescopic elevator can simply be positioned and removal work can start straight away.

An optional diagnosis display is used to show machine information and additional operating data. For example, it can be used to control the engine and to read off its current status. Furthermore, the lighting (stand light and LED work lights) can also be controlled. Reading off the extension length and the current carriage position is another highlight. In particular, the ten operating hours counters are useful when the telescopic elevator is moving directly between the different deployment locations. Furniture removal companies and landlords can then be given a customer-specific invoice at the end of the day's operation, without any additional effort.

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