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Wet Concrete Spraying

Concrete spraying vehicle for track upgrading and protection

If high hardened concrete qualities are required and high outputs are demanded, then the UNI 50-3 as a wet shotcrete vehicle is exactly the right vehicle for your tasks. With more than 20 m³/h spraying capacity, the concrete pump of the Uni 50-3 BS fulfills the highest demands and has an extremely high area coverage with small vehicle dimensions. With precise measuring technology, the PAUS UNI 50-3 BS allows you to control the amount of water and aggregate added, promising excellent concrete spraying results with the highest durability properties. PAUS is always a good choice for durability and economy for your concrete spraying process in underground mining. The UNI 50-3 BS is also available as an electric version for the sustainable shotcrete process.



  • Concrete spraying pump with a pumping rate up to 20 m³/h
  • Screw compressor with a delivery rate of up to 7.5 m³/min
  • Water tanks with a capacity of approx. 200 liters
  • Auxiliary liquid tank with a capacity of approx. 500 liters
  • Dosing pump with automatically adjustable flow rate


  • Concrete spraying pump: continuously adjustable
  • Control of the injection unit: via remote control
  • Water and admixture tanks: made of stainless steel
  • Manipulator: 360° rotatable and 240° swiveling
  • Hydraulic system: 2 independent hydraulic tanks
  • Maintenance: convenient maintenance due to freely accessible components
  • Shotcrete manipulator: robust and flexible, for working heights up to 9 m
  • High pressure cleaner: stainless steel tank


  • Radio remote control
  • Cable remote control
  • High pressure cleaner
  • Electric drive
  • Water hose reel
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