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PG 10 HA grader


For simple and efficient line maintenance in mineral and salt mining, Paus Graders have been used for many years. The compact dimensions with articulated steering and front steering axle allow extreme manoeuvrability in narrow and flat tracks. An uncompromising vehicle geometry adapted to underground mining convinces by an excellent overview for the operator.  With the Paus Grader, tracks in underground mining can be removed quickly, precisely and economically.



  • High operating weight
  • Extremely fast and flexible adjustment of the central blade for soft and precise track removal
  • All-wheel drive with creep speed guarantees excellent results in all ground conditions
  • Load Sensing technology guarantees sensitive and precise operation of the central blade.
  • Display for analysis of important vehicle data and all error messages; additional display for diesel engine.


  • ROPS/FOPS cab with comfortable seating position, ergonomic controls and with glass panels extended downwards for optimum visibility of the centre blade.
  • Different centre blade widths available.
  • 300 mm lateral shift of the central blade for a larger machining area.
  • Vehicle height only 2,225 mm.
  • Easy and fast access to all maintenance parts.



  • Central blade extension for better pulling at the joint
  • Front shield
  • Ripping hooks between front axle and central blade with five ripping hooks
  • Swing position for centre share to better follow the contours of the road


  • Air conditioning
  • Fire extinguishing systems from various manufacturers
  • Automatic central lubrication system
  • and many more
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