Underground mining equipment from LHD mining

If you are in the market for underground mining equipment, then you should browse the collection of high-quality and reliable machinery that Paus engineering has to offer. Paus offers an extensive range of LHD loaders, dump trucks, mining cars and much more.

Taking the underground mining equipment industry forward

When it comes to new developments in the industry, the designers at Paus work hard on coming up with new innovative ideas that make their equipment stand out from the crowd. One great example of this is the unveiling of the Paus PTK 25 trailer crane, which was showcased in March 2013. The design of this piece of kit had in mind the confined working areas that were involved in mining, where manoeuvring a large vehicle could be difficult, dangerous and time consuming. The PTK 25 trailer crane was lightweight, slim in design and designed to turn on a coin, giving it the edge over many comparable vehicles.

Have trust in your underground mining equipment

The safety of the operatives who utilise the underground mining equipment should be of the upmost importance to any mining coordinator. This is why it is essential to have trust in the equipment that you put to work. Paus ensures that all available equipment is of the highest standard, meets all current regulations and is constantly being developed to ensure it operates in such a way that the most effective result is obtained.

Buy quality; buy reliability; buy Paus!

See and read further about the equipment that Paus has to offer to the industry. Be sure to take a look at the underground mining equipment.

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