Tunnelling Equipment for the Mining Industry


For over forty years Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH, or Paus, have been developing and manufacturing tunnelling equipment and mining machinery specifically with the needs of the underground mining industry in mind. Paus offers customers a wide range of products including personnel carriers, LHD dumpers and loaders and tunnelling equipment.

Machines and tunnelling equipment designed for operation in the mining industry require a high degree of adaptability to the customers' specifications. By designing and creating machines which are sturdy, reliable, durable, and made to a high safety standard, as well as being comfortable, easy to operate and using up-to-date technology, Paus have, over the years, developed an international reputation for a high standard of quality, as well as for customer satisfaction. The company motto "...the people who care" reflects the company philosophy of listening to the customer, understanding what is required and customising the tunnelling equipment to their individual needs.

The real problem solver - Paus PFL Loader

The range in performances of the Paus PFL Loader offers a maximum potential for problem solving. This ruggedly built tunnelling equipment comes with a payload of between 1.5 and 9 tonnes and comes with a host of optional extras including shovel variants and a "quick change" mechanism whereby attachments can be changed easily and within minutes. All Paus machines are made with a high level of operator comfort and ease of use in mind, with optimal clarity of operating elements and easy maintenance.

Paus' continuing commitment to innovation has kept them at the forefront of technological change in the mining industry, and has made their name a byword for high-quality engineering. Paus is proud to stand for "Quality made in Germany".