Motor Grader for efficient route maintenance

PG 5 HA Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH

As a distinguished manufacturer of heavy machinery Paus creates responsive solutions for transportation issues in industrial and mining conditions. The PG 5 HA is one such example of Paus’ industrial vehicles that is exceptional in its class. You can trust that Paus is a world class producer of heavy vehicles which are used globally and are renowned for their safety and record of reliability in dangerous conditions.  

Motor graders form an important component of safe maintenance; due to its solid DEUTZ engine the PG 5 HA is a dynamic and effective motor grader. The hydrostatic drive provides continuous power to the PG 5 HA motor grader, delivering speed and traction particularly on inclines at 8 km/h in use and 20 km/h in overdrive.  

Even for tightest environments - the Motor grader PG 5 HA

A front and articulated steering makes the motor grader manoeuvrable in the tightest environments and with its compact proportions this motor grader is a powerful and efficient heavy machine for use in even the smallest tunnels.  

Due to its low height the PG 5 HA motor grader is practical and maintains stability in testing circumstances. The pivotable front axle ensures grip and is maintained by wheels on trying terrains; it provides a counterweight to increase pressure on the central blade of the PG 5 HA motor grader.  

Both blades provide well designed facilities: The front blade works as a pre-leveller before the motor grader’s central blade finally grades. The central blade is easily adapted and can be extended, lifted and swivelled. 

Motor Graders for mines worldwide

Paus’ motor graders are an international brand with a reputation for service and reliability. They are tested in Germany, Russia, Canada, Portugal, Peru, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Kazakhstan, China and India.

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