Mining tools and equipment which make your job easier

Whether you are leading mining projects for precious metals, rare gems or fossil fuels - to know that the mining tools and equipment are up to the job is essential. Not only will high-quality products make your job easier, they will also vastly improve the safety of your operations and its level of efficiency. Many choices can be made when it comes to mining tools and equipment – however, every job needs the right product.  

Choosing the right mining tools and equipment for your job  

A multi-purpose vehicle can perform a wide range of tasks, regardless of whether it is used above or below ground. Paus’ Universa 50 mounts and changes cassettes with a minimum of effort and its articulated steering system makes working in confined spaces as simple as possible. 

Should you need a vehicle to carry your workers to the mine sites, the MinCa vehicle would be an appropriate option. This robust, powerful and versatile vehicle performs perfectly in challenging environments.  

If the transportation of heavy raw materials is your main work, Paus’ powerful dump truck will probably be right at the top in the mining tools and equipment range. With a quick change frame and mobile cassettes, the PMKM is designed to be used in most mining environments.  

Mining tools and equipment for every environment  

From road maintenance projects to coal mining, it is essential to have mining tools and equipment which will deliver results. Ditch cleaners, graders and dinting machines all have an integral role to play in mining operations and the products available from Paus are made to deliver reliable service in the most challenging mining environments. 

The flame-proof coal mining vehicles from Paus specialize in clearing explosion-endangered ditches; their large maximum payloads do not prevent them from clearing overhead obstacles.  

Mining can be a complex and highly dangerous job, but working with the dependable range of mining tools and equipment from Paus will mean you can concentrate on the job at hand.