Mining Technology

Customers who want to buy mining equipment can find reliability and personal solutions to their mining needs at Paus. With 40 year of experience in serving the mining world, Paus is a market leader in providing mining technology and has specialized in delivering the most advanced tunnelling equipment. According to its motto “the people who care”, Paus helps customers to find solutions for their mining and tunnelling equipment as efficiently as possible.

Realizing works in every field of activity

The benefits of mining technology are fairly great. Mining technology allows companies to work underground safely and efficiently. Excavation, grading or road construction, Paus offers for every field of activity vehicles which grant safety for man and environment. Replacing old machines with Paus’ most advanced machinery saves costs in the long term by raising efficiency and improving safety. Processes are made as simple as possible.  

Mining technology you can trust on

Paus offers a wide range of vehicles which are applicable for every stage of the mining process: Amongst utility vehicles for auxiliary works, Paus Loaders are used for excavation, especially the PFL Loader with payloads of up to 9 tons. The dump truck PMKS is constructed for removing bulkhead and clears the tunnel with maximum efficiency due to its push wall system which makes tipping unnecessary. The powerful Paus PGB 1700 makes scaling safe and efficient as it offers not only a great visibility but a wide oscillation range.

Paus’ equipment - made for your engineering challenges.