Mining equipment – individual solutions for mining companies

Paus flameproof version

The highest calibre mining equipment can improve productivity and provide innovative solutions to the everyday challenges you face. Our goal is to provide you with mining equipment which enhances user safety and increases your overall level of production, while maintaining the highest standards of customer service and quality control.

Durable, reliable and highly fexible

The highest quality mining equipment should be durable and reliable, with high capacity and adaptability. The modern mining equipment that we provide is designed to be easily operated, and maintained. We are committed to providing equipment that is constructed with the end user in mind, and meets high standards of usability and flexibility. Through proven technical design, superior mining equipment can lower both fuel use and emissions, and eliminate adverse environmental factors. We provide a comprehensive selection of excavating, crushing, blasting, and hauling equipment, and an array of cutting edge technology upgrades to optimise your production.

Designed to withstand the harshest conditions

In mining activities it essential to have the right kind of equipment for a specific function, and for successful operation of this equipment it must be resistant to breakdown. The severity of conditions in the mining environment means that equipment of this nature must be particularly rugged and resilient. The breakdown of equipment can have a catastrophic effect on production and profitability, which stresses the importance of choosing the right mining equipment for your operation. Specialised mining equipment allows small and medium sized enterprises to tailor exact specifications to their individual requirements. Our complete selection of mining equipment is engineered to meet all of your mining requirements. Mining equipment is designed to withstand the harshest conditions, from extreme temperature and weather conditions, to diverse operating environments and soil conditions. In this way, specialised equipment delivers superior productivity, has a long lasting lifespan, and enables users to move more tons per hour at the lowest cost.

The best mining equipment can maximise productivity and profit, is resistant to failure and ensures the safest possible working environment for your team.