LHD Mining have quality - reliable mining equipment

PSF 200 Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH

For any underground mining or tunnelling, use the 'Made in Germany' quality that LHD Mining offer to get the job done right.

What LHD Mining offer to the industry

LHD Mining is described as "the people who care". They provide high quality and reliable mining and tunnelling equipment for those in the industry who need the best kit! LHD Mining not only offer superb equipment that you can rely upon, but also an individual solution, tailored to suit customer's needs.

You can trust the quality that LHD mining provide in their equipment

We all know that German industry leads with a high regard for quality, reliability and last-ability. This regard is no different for the products that LHD Mining brings to you. There is a continual product improvement scheme built into the lifecycle which means where improvements can be made, they will be. This scheme is the Paus' ISO 9001 certification.

In the area of underground mining and tunnelling, you cannot let safety become a low priority matter; this is why LHD Mining takes every precaution to ensure a reliable, safe build for each machine. No matter whether it is a dump truck, loader, mining unit or a utility vehicle, you can be assured that rigorous testing and checking has taken place, ensuring the product delivered is of the highest standard. This should give customers the peace of mind that the operators of these pieces of equipment are protected and safe from the dangers associated with their role.

Need tunnelling or mining equipment?

If you are in need of any mining or tunnelling equipment, why not speak to the friendly and professional team at LHD Mining? They will be happy to discuss your requirements and do their best meet your needs, even if this means a totally personalised solution is required. Feel free to browse our site to check out the quality range.