Hard rock mining

Paus Minca

Able to remove minerals that are difficult to obtain through conventional mining methods, hard rock mining is very effective at obtaining gold, silver and iron. As hard rock mining is normally done under difficult conditions, it is vital that employee safety is not put at danger. Even when an area has been thoroughly assessed, accidents can still happen. With Paus Mining Vehicles employees are kept safe even when they are operating at low depths.

The right vehicle for your needs

There a plenty vehicles from Paus’ huge product range to consider. From lifting platform vehicles to maintenance vehicles, Paus mining vehicles include also loaders and dumpers. Equipment for creating tunnels can also be covered by Paus mining vehicles: any tunnels that are dug should be strong so that employee safety is upheld and not put at danger. By choosing a suitable machine from Paus mining vehicles, the right equipment can be used to dig a tunnel even under the most testing of conditions.

Need high safety at low costs?

As it can be expensive to obtain precious minerals through hard rock mining, costs should be reduced whilst not putting employee safety at risk. The extensive range of mining machinery that Paus mining vehicles offer is thus highly recommended.

Mining has come a long way since the 1930s when the only way to acquire precious minerals was to do so by hand. Paus mining vehicles demonstrate the advancement to mining machinery which plays a central role in making hard rock mining as safe and productive as possible.