Paus Furniture Elevators

Moving the easy way with Paus Furniture Elevators! Paus Furniture Elevators, which have been continuously developed in close cooperation with furniture hauliers over many years, are setting new benchmarks in terms of lift engineering.

The enhanced, non-wear "inner skating" profile is a standard feature of all our elevators. Mounted on a trailer chassis or truck, the furniture elevators are capable of reaching heights of up to 44 metres at a payload of up to 400 kg.

Product Features

  • Narrow width, ideal for passing through narrow gaps and minimal setting-up space
  • KTL - treated and powder-coated chassis
  • Infinitely rotating furniture platform that can be retracted into the building
  • Infinitely adjustable turntable locking mechanism
  • Infinitely extendable base extension
  • Hydraulic rail erection and extension