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Paus Building Elevators

The reliable and sturdy construction of PAUS Building Elevators ensures that they can be used with ease every day across the globe. Short-term set-up times are a matter of course for us - as well as for staff unfamiliar with our equipment. Paus Building Elevators – including the knee joint – are fully operated from the clearly laid out control station. With a transport height of up to 42 metres and a maximum payload of 250 kg, Paus Building Elevators are able to cope with the most diverse problems. 

Product Features

  • KTL- treated and powder-coated chassis
  • 360° range of movement with an extremely compact set-up area
  • Non-tipping carriage with automatic rope breakage safety mechanism
  • Infinitely adjustable turntable lock
  • Hydraulically retractable rail system