The Paus Paper Roll Transporter (PRT) was specifically produced for use in the paper industry. With a payload of 7.5 tonnes and fitted with a 62 kW LPG gas engine, the Paus PRT moves rolls of paper around in the most confined spaces.

The Paus Container Stacker PCS 12 was specially designed for the transport of empty containers. The Paus PCS 12 is winning over customers with its minimum turning radius of 3,700 mm and its powerful 88 kW engine.

Customers cannot fail to be impressed by the PTG 9 Ladle vehicle with its large 9-tonne payload and compact dimensions.

Its high-performance 75 kW at 2,200 rpm further aids the PTG 9's "heavyweight appearance"!

With a traction force of 70 kN and compact dimensions, Z 70 tractors are the perfect vehicles for use in steel, casting and pressing plants. The Paus Z 70 is used for the internal transport of heavy loads, such as heavy-duty trailers and used cars.

Hier sehen Sie einen Paus Container-Stapler
Hier sehen Sie ein Paus Gießpfannenfahrzeug PTG 9
Hier sehen Sie eine Zugmaschine Z 70