Telescopic Loaders

PAUS telescopic loader TL 8.7 reach dumping heights, which to date have had to be charged by larger loaders. The compact dimensions of these machines offer an alternative for working in confined conditions. Users also have added flexibility, thanks to the swivel function of the entire boom (TSL 8.7). Materials can be loaded and unloaded over the side when space is tight. Obstacles can be conveniently transferred.

Product Features

You have everything you need with the two PAUS TL 8.7 and TSL 8.7 models, with a tipping height of 4.0 metres and a diverse range of special attachments. Thanks to a combination of telescopic and pivoting action (TSL 8.7), the PAUS telescopic swivel loader is the perfect loader for a wide range of uses on roads, construction and civil engineering, and for municipal and agricultural work.