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Much managed in a little space

Craft and construction companies need compact machines in tight spaces that make daily work easier and more efficient.
Scheyhing Holzbau from Leonberg-Höfingen has therefore been using the particularly compact PTK 31 trailer crane from Paus for several months.

Trailer cranes have become an indispensable part of the machinery used by craftsmen and construction companies. Roofers, carpenters and building construction companies like the high degree of flexibility of trailer cranes. Towing vehicles are available anyway and crane operation is so simple that any trained person can handle the machine safely..

Flexibility increased

Andreas Frank, master carpenter at Scheyhing Holzbau, has been using a Paus PTK 31 trailer crane since 2021. "We regularly spent a lot of money on renting cranes. So the decision was obvious that we invest in our own machine that is always available to us. We can already say that it was exactly the right decision, for example because material can be delivered flexibly. In the past, it was always necessary to make arrangements regarding crane availability," says Frank


The technically most important

The PTK 31 from Paus lifts loads of up to 1,600 kg and has a hook height of almost 31 meters. This makes it one of the top models on the market. In retracted basic position, the trailer is only 8.8 m long including the drawbar. The trailer proves its compact design with a transport width of 1.99 m and a transport height of 2.45 m.

The aluminum telescopic boom with fully hydraulic top boom, mounted on a two-axle trailer chassis, is easy to transport with a trailer load of 3.5 tons. When uncoupled, the powerful hydraulic wheel drive ensures foolproof positioning at the installation site. The standard lowerable rear axle prevents the erasing effect common with tandem axles, so that material and ground are protected during maneuvering.


Great performance at a small operating site

The advantages of the particularly compactly built Paus trailer crane become apperent in confined locations. Master carpenter Frank says: "The concept of the Paus trailer crane convinced us because it has telescopic folding supports. Depending on the space available, we can sometimes choose more or less support width. In addition, we can slide the trailer drawbar into the base frame of the chassis at the installation site, which further reduces the space requirement. That's only available from Paus."

Once positioned, erection is very easy thanks to the automatic self-leveling of the stabilisers. "The control panel, which controls all crane functions, is very easy to understand. Coupled with the wide range of accessories, the PTK 31 provides optimum support for all our work steps."

Multifunctional with accessories

The large Paus accessories range leaves nothing to be desired.Tile champs, tipping buckets and pallet forks are available just like tile champs, personal fall protection and long goods forks.

"At Scheyhing Holzbau, we primarily use the crane to remove roofs with tipping buckets, to move old and new laths and timbers, and to lift entire wall elements and roof trusses. And last-but-not-least for convenient roof tile distributor."

Hybrid drive technology possible

The combustion engine installed as standard ensures the crane and travel drive functions. Due to the load-dependent speed control, the engine is economical in consumption. Optionally, the Paus PTK 31 is recommended with an environmentally friendly 400 V electric drive. Emission-free and low-noise applications are thus also possible in the interior of buildings.

Efficiency pays off

"Even heavy strokes can be handled thanks to the finely adjustable control system. And what is particularly positive is that the crane has brought us forward in terms of construction site efficiency. Construction sites on which we previously needed 3-4 employees, we can manage with 2-3 employees with the help of the Paus trailer crane. This amortizes the investment even more", carpenter Frank is pleased and thus praises the crane and radio remote control functions of the PTK 31 by Paus.



Created for Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik by opteamize, Feb. 2022


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