Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik launches its Universa 40 at Expomin in Chile

Lightweight for heavy-duty use:  "The basic idea was to develop a multi-purpose utility vehicle that stands out from the crowd in terms of its cost-effectiveness, availability and ease of operation," explains Franz-Josef Paus, Managing Director, explaining the background to the development of the Universa 40.

The extremely compact utility vehicle has been specifically developed for "narrow vein" mining and is impressing customers with its slimline design (only 1750 mm wide) and its excellent unladen weight/payload ratio.  

Operators can select from a range of different uses – whether to transport materials, concrete or personnel or use it as a service vehicle, workshop truck or with the scissor platform fitted. All attachments can be permanently fitted to the vehicle but are also available as quick-change attachments. The Universa 40 is generally available with three engine versions. The Deutz BF4M 2012 is used as the standard engine, but the TCD 2012 with COM IIIa exhaust stage and MSHA  certification and TCD 3.6 with COM IIIb exhaust stage are available as alternatives. The combination of a high-performance engine and a modern hydrostatic drive delivers major benefits above all in terms of operating costs and driving comfort. The hydrostatic drive enables automatic reversing at the push of a button, which is convenient for operators especially over shorter distances.  

Of course, great importance was attached to the use of proven technology and components in the development of the Universa 40. The Universa 40 has an extremely robust chassis, which was designed in-house for use in the mining industry. The vehicle has an extremely small turning radius (only 3250 mm internally) thanks to its steering articulation and oscillation. The vehicle is also fitted with an LED light package, as well as two working headlights on the rear wall of the cab. There is also no shortage of safety technology, such as an emergency stop button near the articulated arm, in the dashboard cabinet and at all operating points. The Universa 40 is available with an open and closed cab. A large shelf is fitted between the comfortable driver's seat and the passenger seat. All operating and control equipment is clearly arranged in the cab and the vehicle has a display for the diesel engine as well as a display for analysing key vehicle data which shows all error messages.  

Visitors to Expomin will also be excited to view the latest highlight from Paus. The diesel-powered vehicle will be showcased to the public for the first time at Expomin 2014 in Santiago de Chile fitted with a loading platform with a flat-bed crane. The vehicle has a modular design, that is to say that customers can individually select from a range of permanently fitted or quick-change attachments. This is of great benefit specifically in terms of initial investment, as customers do not have to opt immediately for a quick-change system and several attachments, but rather over the lifecycle of the product, or with changing mining conditions, can quickly, flexibly and simply swap to other cassettes and thus to a quick-change system.  

The Universa 40 has a modular platform behind the spacious ROPS/FOPS driver's cab, on which the most diverse options, like fire-fighting system, central lubrication system, welding equipment and compressor with hose reel, can be fitted.   The platform with an HIAM 026T crane, which can lift approximately 25.2 kNm, is permanently fixed to the vehicle. The platform is 2.5 x 1.5 m and the vehicle's payload is 5 tonnes with an unladen weight of just 6.8 tonnes. The vehicle is therefore ideal for transporting materials in narrow tunnel cross-sections.  

Thanks to the modern Paus Power Flow system, the range of cassettes can be simply and effectively extended on existing vehicles, as the valve technology is located on the various attachments. This solution means fewer hose connections being routed over the articulated arm, ultimately benefiting the availability and serviceability of the vehicle. Oil is supplied on demand through displacement pumps depending on the configuration. The perfectly coordinated drive thereby reduces fuel consumption, tyre wear as well as the ageing of hydraulic oil and components.   Paus' in-house developers have paid special attention to the innovative drive system. The innovative Paus Power Drive provides overspeed shut-down when driving downhill. If the setpoints exceed a defined figure, engine performance is reduced by 50% to protect the drive, a feature that ensures that the drive is not damaged, the vehicle can still manoeuvre and no time-consuming towing operations have to be undertaken.  

"We are very well-equipped for the future with this new development," reports Wolfgang Paus, Managing Director of the family-owned company. "The vehicle has been adapted to the needs of our customers and offers real added value. We are excited to hear the reactions of the trade visitors at Expomin," Wolfgang Paus goes on to say. The Universa 40 will be on show on the Paus stand 22-E.