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Uni 50 series


Whether a Paus Universa 50 with a fixed platform or an interchangeable frame, the Universa 50 is a universally usable carrier vehicle for all underground transport tasks.

Using the hydraulic change system, a variety of attachments can be mounted on the base platform.

Platform concept

The UNI 50-2/3/4/5 is a universally-deployable, articulated carrier vehicle for virtually all tasks in underground mining. The Universa 50 series features a load capacity of 8 up to 16 tonnes with an engine output of up to 173 kW.

The vehicle versions differ from each other in motorisation, payload and vehicle width and can be equipped with various water-cooled engines.

Product highlights

  • Divided chassis with articulated pendulum steering and articulated joint protection against dust, moisture, plunging stones and boulders
  • Permanently attached front and rear axle
  • Removable steel undercarriage sheet
  • Stable chassis frame made of high-quality rolled sheet and profiled steel
  • ROPS/FOPS driver's cab
  • Optimal accessibility to hydraulics, electrical equipment and the engine


  • Comfort cab: Spacious cab with driver's seat that swivels 90° for optimal view, even when driving in reverse, and provides space for 3 persons
  • Light package: LED light package (excluding driving lights, two work lights on the rear wall of the cab.
  • Visualisation: Display for analysing important vehicle data and showing all error messages Additional display for diesel engine.
  • Maintenance: Convenient maintenance on the central electrics from the front, very good accessibility to the engine, hydraulics, filters and lubrication points.
  • Change system: For changing the attachments in a matter of minutes.


  • Hydraulic removable frames/interchangeable platforms
  • Closed ROPS/FOPS driver's cab, including heating
  • Fire fighting systems and installations from various manufacturers, with optional automatic trigger or manual trigger
  • Video reverse system
  • air conditioning
  • Different engines/emissions levels
  • Also available as a CE design


  • Uni 50-2
    engine power: 95kW, width: 1.900mm, axles: Dana Spicer 113, load: 8t
  • Uni 50-3
    engine power: 126kW, width: 1900mm, axles: Dana Spicer 113, load: 10t
  • Uni 50-4
    engine power: 126kW, width: 2100mm, axles: Dana Spicer 114, load: 15t
  • Uni 50-5
    engine power: 173kW, width: 2300mm, axles: Dana Spicer 114, load: 16t
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