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Wet Concrete

Concrete spraying vehicle for track upgrading and protection

The Universa 50 as a concrete spraying vehicle with its small dimensions and OnBoard technology is excellently suited for track upgrading and protection.


Product Highlights

  • Concrete pump with a pumping capacity up to 20 m³/h
  • Screw compressor with a flow rate up to 7.5 m³/min
  • Water tanks with approx. 200 litres capacity
  • Additive tank with approx. 500 litres capacity
  • Robust and flexible sprayed concrete manipulator
  • Pressure washer


  • Concrete pump: continuously variable
  • Injection unit control: via radio remote control
  • Water and additive tanks: stainless steel
  • Manipulator: 360° rotatable and 240° tiltable
  • Hydraulic system: 2 independent hydraulic tanks
  • Maintenance: Convenient maintenance due to freely accessible components


  • Control of the spraying unit via a radio or cable remote control
  • Operation also possible via electric motors
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