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For special applications and greater flexibility, our customers are able to choose between additional variants such as underground trucks for backfill work or interchangeable frames with, for example, concrete mixers for tunnelling work.

Product highlights

  • Excellent vehicle payload ratio with compact vehicle dimensions
  • Designed for the toughest hard rock applications, featuring ROPS / FOPS-tested cab
  • Driver's seat that can rotate by 180° with a separate control panel for both directions for optimal visibility over the skip – even while driving in reverse
  • Simple, user-friendly arrangement of components for minimal maintenance times
  • Long service life and good reliability thanks to the robust design, for highly economical machines with a long operation and service life
  • Individual modifications possible. Also available with hydraulic change systems for concrete or scissor platforms, among other things


  • Optimal visibility over the skip – even when driving in reverse
  • Excellent accessibility to engine, hydraulics and filter
  • Economical transport, including over long routes, and ideal dumper truck for shallow repositories
  • Long operational lifetime and high reliability thanks to rugged design engineering and high service life.
  • Simple, practical structure for minimal servicing times
  • Excellent vehicle payload ratio at low vehicle width


The Paus PMKT and PMKM series are available with a hydraulic change system, with which various attachments such as a concrete mixer, a scissor platform or segment transporter can be set up and changed quickly and conveniently.


  • Hydraulic removable frame
  • Closed ROPS/FOPS driver's cab
  • HRD fire extinguisher system
  • Video reverse system
  • air conditioning
  • Driver's seat that can be rotated 180° with separate control panel for both directions
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