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PG 10 HA grader


Paus graders have been used for many years for easy and efficient route maintenance in salt mining and ore extraction.
The ground can be pre-levelled using the optionally available front plate of the grader.
The compact dimensions (L 8.1 m x W 2.2 m x H 2.1 m) enable use in smaller routes as well.

Product highlights

  • Spacious, closed ROPS / FOPS-tested driver's cab.
  • Unimpeded view of the working area
  • Robust chassis with front-axle and articulated steering and hydrostatic all-wheel drive
  • Optimal accessibility to hydraulics, electrical equipment and the engine
  • LED-light package, including 2x2 work lights attached to the cab
  • VISUALISATION: Display for analysing important vehicle data and showing all error messages; Additional display for diesel engine
  • FLEXIBLE: Two speeds, 8 km/h in working gear or 20 km/h in high gear.


  • Speed: up to 8 km/h in working gear, up to 20 km/h in high gear
  • Front counterweight, to increase the contact pressure of the mid-size bulldozer blade
  • The bulldozer blade is adjustable in height as well as laterally
  • Small turning radius
  • Low overall height
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