Representative office Moscow

The representative office in Moscow was founded in 2001. The main task of this office is representing the interests of Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH in the GUS-countries.

Paus products have already been delivered to Russia since the time of the Soviet Union. Since 1974 the Paus Machines have been used successfully by all leading mining companies. Also today the market in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and in the other GUS-countries does have a special position for the company Paus.

It delivers its whole product range consisting of construction machines, lifting technique as well as machines for mining and tunnelling to the GUS-states. Every machine is manufactured individually according to customer requirements.

The mining and tunnelling machines by Paus are also available with flame proof - for mines with a higher risk of explosion.Also what regards service Paus offers reliable and prompt spare parts deliveries, individually developed logistics and technical support everywhere in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other GUS-countries.

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