Paus showcases new engines for construction machines

The medium-sized family-owned company Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH, also known as Paus, shows what German engineering knowledge and expertise has created "on wheels" .

With a staff of 300, Emsland-based Paus produces construction machinery, lift technology and mining and tunnelling vehicles. The unique feature of Paus vehicles is the fact that very rarely is a machine "off-the-shelf". Paus employees work closely with their customers, learning a lot about the conditions of use and the resulting requirements for the machines. Customers appreciate the flexibility that major manufacturers simply don't offer. "The key challenge today is the application of the new low-emission engines," comments Construction Machines Sales Director Wolfgang Immel. "For years Paus has been relying on Deutz units, which have an excellent reputation worldwide thanks to their robust construction and ease of maintenance," Wolfgang Immer goes on to explain.

Paus loaders – whether articulated loader, telescopic loader or swivel and telescopic swivel loader – are all available equipped with the latest generation of DEUTZ engines. These power units have minimised emissions to comply with the guidelines of the EU Directive Stage III B. As has always been the case with Paus vehicles, there continues to be ample access for maintenance work, with air, diesel and oil filters easily accessible when standing on the ground. Customers are also thrilled that these engines have improved torque and better performance. The motors reduce emissions thanks to appropriate post-treatment: no particle filter system is fitted, keeping service work to a minimum. The new engines are also winning customers over with their reduced fuel consumption compared to Stage III A engines.
All loaders have undergone a makeover brought about by this significant modification. The existing engine hood is now more attractive and provides unhindered access to all components thanks to its wide opening angle. Paus is thereby underlining the new modern direction of the company and its products.

Paus telescopic and telescopic swivel loaders have been widely sold on the market, as the demands on this style of machine machine have risen within industry, local authorities and agriculture. Paus meets these demands by equipping the machines with higher-performance loading kinematics. They can now load and move bulk materials of any kind effectively, quickly and powerfully. The driver's view over the workspace and cassettes is also optimised with a low boom hinge mechanism. Overall the loaders have improved tearing and lifting forces thanks to their innovative telescopic arm with a bucket capacity of 1 m³ and a tipping load of 4 tonnes.